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Welcome to Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Posted by Acid survivors saahas foundation was an initiative that was started in 2016 by Mrs Daulat Bi Khan. She herself was the casualty of acid attack in 2010. This attack was executed by her own elder sister and her husband and son due to some property disagreement. When she recovered a bit, she stated to look out for job, but everything was a disappointment. People use to shut down their doors right in front of her disoriented face and pledge her to stay away from them. She was in the path of two diversions at that point of time. One was to get over with her life another one was to have new lease of life. She chose the latter one and channelized all her energy together with a pursuit of having a new hope in life(new hope new life).

Thus the foundation was established ,which helped in performing major surgeries on other victims and providing them with basic human needs. In this journey so far this initiative also helped many victims to live a normal lifestyle by arranging marriages for many of her victims such as lalita and kamal. A great support in this noble cause was provided by ample mission owner Dr. Aneel Murarka.

Some Features that Made us Unique

We are an organization but also a family for all our acid attack victims and want to do the best for them.

President meeting the victims personally

Our president personally meet the acid attack victim as soon as our team knows about an acid attack case.

Medical help and care

We personally make sure that every acid attack victim is provided the right treatment and take care of each one of them like a family member.

Legal support

We also support our victims in their legal battle to get justice by providing them advocates free of cost and attending their court hearings.

Financial helps

We understand that the victim have financial needs as well. so we take care of their monthly financial needs along with providing them subsidiaries.

Educating the victim

Providing the knowledge to our survivors that they deserve and aspire is one of the initiative by us. Currently some of survivors our completing their education.

Survivor stories

Supermarket run by acid attack survivors opens in Mumbai’s Bandra

Past Events

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Heroes of ASSF

Being an acid victim survivor is not easy. Fighting against the society norms and all type of discrimination can pull down your spirit and motivation. Most of the acid attack survivors give up on their life, they hide themselves behind the curtain of depression, loneliness and a dark life without goal. Meet this amazing #HEROESOFASSF

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Ramp The Cause

ASSF Founder Daulatbi Khan and Brand Ambassador Pinky Prashant Rajgarhia walked down the ramp for #RampTheCause and Faith Foundation. Lets join hands and say no to acid attack.Some more sneak peeks from #RampTheCause and beautiful moments with the celebrities

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Workshop place in Nalasopara

Thanks to Dr Aneel Murarkar and his generosity, ASSF has officially opened workshop place for the Acid Victims in Nalasopara –Mumbai. The workshop will mainly focus on sewing different types of bags. If you know any acid survivor who wishes to be part of this workshop, kindly DM us.

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catholic church

catholic church
catholic church
catholic church
catholic church

catholic church

Assfindia providing relief during Covid-19

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In the lockdown that took place during Covid-19, such a camp was set up at Nalasopara at the Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, in which acid Victim and those who are in need are distributed ration.

Acid Survivor Reshma shares how Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation helped her get a job in the lockdown phase to help her in the journey of being self independent. Special thanks to portal DiversiJob which helped us connect to Vividhta consulting and helped the victims to get an employment offer