Welcome to Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

ACID SURVIVORS SAAHAS FOUNDATION Acid survivors saahas foundation was an initiative that was started in 2016 by Mrs Daulat Bi Khan. She herself was the casualty of acid attack in 2010. This attack was executed by her own elder sister and her husband and son due to some property disagreement. When she recovered a bit, she stated to look out for job, but everything was a disappointment. People use to shut down their doors right in front of her disoriented face and pledge her to stay away from them. She was in the path of two diversions at that point of time. One was to get over with her life another one was to have new lease of life. She chose the latter one and channelized all her energy together with a pursuit of having a new hope in life(new hope new life). Thus the foundation was established ,which helped in performing major surgeries on other victims and providing them with basic human needs. In this journey so far this initiative also helped many victims to live a normal lifestyle by arranging marriages for many of her victims such as lalita and kamal. A great support in this noble cause was provided by ample mission owner Dr. Aneel Murarka. ASSF was founded with an aim to provide shelter to the acid victims along with that they have been actively focusing on spreading awareness about acid attack, the aftermath of attack and its consequences with a motivate to fight against the taboo of the society. The NGO provides rehabilitation to the patients which includes medical facilities, education, legal, moral and financial support. ASSF till date has provided end to end support to more than 30 acid victims which includes surgery of 9 acid survivor.

Our Vision

ASSF vision is a world free from acid violence where survivors and activists work together for this common cause.. This can be possible only by changing the social perception towards the victims. Society should not consider acid sufferers as victims but rather as victors. They should be filled with a massive amount of esteem, so they can see any hindrance in their path as a fragile one. The other aspect is helping the ‘average person’ who hears about acid violence move from being a concerned bystander to an active participant in this fight.

Our Mission

ASSF main goal is to provide every possible support to the victims and survivors. The NGO is deeply focusing on providing shelter to acid victors which should also consist of a workshop where they can earn their livelihood by making handmade bags, cushions, antiques etc. Daulat Bi has a dream and ambition to open a big departmental store which itself will be operated by acid victors team. By taking these small but major steps the victors can stand on their own feet and can prove their worth to the society.


Daulat Bi Khan-

Founder and President

Born to Mohd. Hussain and Zeenat Unnis a poor couple in Bangalore, Daulat Bi is a 10th pass from Anjum Islam Urdu High School. Daulat Bi has always believed in hard working and fighting for what is right. Before being an acid victim herself, she was a make-up artist who used to work day and night to support her family and their daily needs. But God had his own plan for her, from being an acid victim today she is the founder of Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation. She has been fighting for hundreds of acid victims providing them moral support, medications, jobs and financial support.

She strongly believes that every person in this earth has the right to live a normal life. If the victims cannot fight for it, she will fight on their behalf.


Vice President.

Mr. Shetty is a huge part of our Non-Profit Organization, he is associated with us as the Vice-President of this organization. Ever since his association, he’s been helping us majorly by helping the acid attack victims. He is the back-bone of this NGO, working for the betterment of all the acid attack victims we’ve been helping. Activities like helping the victims to get their surgeries done either by meeting up with the donors to get financial aid to support the surgeries of the acid attack survivors or to provide them subsidiaries even during the time of this pandemic, taking the acid attack survivors to the hospital for their treatments. He is like a pillar that helps a foundation to stand strong. He is even helping our Founder and President Daulat Bi Khan in the smooth functioning and carrying on the day-to-day activities of this NGO.

Well Wisher

Dr.Aneel Kashi Murarka is a renowned and celebrated personality in the social fraternity. He has been a guiding force and an inspiration for us since our inception as an NGO- Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, Mumbai. He has been encouraging every one of us victims through his deeds, words and guidance in every way to rebuilding our lives. We ASSF remain grateful for his association with us in our journey for survival and able to stand on our own feet. Dr.Aneel Murarka is a well-known philanthropist and Social Crusader. He has been closely working and supporting many NGOs across the nation. He has been engaged in various charitable and philanthropic activities for various aspects of social development, e.g. Education, training and welfare for youths and sick persons, medical care, orphanages, and various research projects. He was felicitated by former President of India late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for offering his expertise towards amelioration of the youth. He works closely with ALERT India, which works for Leprosy Control; NASEOH, which works for underprivileged children; NAB – The National Association for the Blind, and many others. Under his leadership and Guidance, Ample Mission, that specializes in Intellectual Property based events, organized unique awards program like “Shoorveer Awards” for Bravery and Courage held in in September 2015 and May 2016. “Global Peace Initiative Awards” in November 2015. While providing are for the environment and welfare the company follows world class sustainable practices in the produces and process. Aneel Murarka has also produced many short films with a cause for public awareness on issues like anti-smoking, education etc. Through his programs and endeavors to facilitate social development he wants to bring the youth of India to the mainstream for participation towards nation building.