Daulat Bi Khan

Daulat Bi Khan – Founder

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation was an initiative that was started in 2016 by Mrs. Daulat Bi Khan. She herself was the casualty of an acid attack in 2010. Along with her, two of her younger sisters and her niece were attacked in this incident. This attack was executed by her own elder sister and her husband and son due to some property disagreement.

When she recovered a bit, she started to look out for a job, but everything was a disappointment. People use to shut down their doors right in front of her disoriented face and pledge her to stay away from them. Before the attack, she was working as a makeup artist but this incident gave her no option but to beg for food and medicines. The hands that made others beautiful now were left to beg. She was in the path of two diversions at that point in time. One was to get over with her life another one was to have new lease of life. If she would have been begging then that will be the victory of the people who have done this to her. So, she chose the latter one and channelized all her energy together with a pursuit of having a new hope in life.

Thus the foundation was established, which helped in performing major surgeries on other victims and providing them with basic human needs. In this journey so far the initiative also helped many victims to live a normal lifestyle by arranging marriages for many of her victims such as Lalita and kamal. Great support in this noble cause was provided by ample mission owner Dr. Aneel Murarka.

ASSF was founded with an aim to provide shelter to the acid victims along with that they have been actively focusing on spreading awareness about the acid attacks, the aftermath of the attack, and their consequences with a motivation to fight against the taboo of the society.

The NGO provides rehabilitation to the patients which includes medical facilities, education, legal, moral and financial support. Trauma support is given to the patients which are very important. ASSF to date has provided end-to-end support to more than 70 acid victims including surgery for 29 acid attack survivors. ASSF has also done marriage for 4 acid attack victim girls and given employment to 6 girls. Education support is also given to the acid attack victims’ children. ASSF opened an all-in-one mini-supermarket was opened on 10 October 2020 and a computer class for acid attack victims on 2nd October 2021.

If acid attack victims are not given timely treatment, then the acid will burn deep down in the body and damage all parts. As per the Supreme Courts’ order, free treatment has to be given to acid attack victims in government and private hospitals, but in reality, this is not the case. So for this reason, now we are aiming to open a hospital for acid attack victims where they will get free surgeries and will have burn care, and trauma care centers.

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