Our Initiatives


The Problem

  • According to the data of NCRB, the number of acid attack cases reported across India in 2020 totaled 182. But the number of people charge sheeted for those crimes has gone down.
  • Acid attacks are the most horrific, unbearable and nastiest crime committed on a human being.
  • Survivors suffer physical, psychological, financial and emotional isolation from society.
  • Lack of self-assurance, Despair and feeling unworthy may lead to Suicidal tendencies.
  • Disfigurement of eyes, ears and nose could result in blindness, deafness and respiratory problems.
  • Treatment of Acid attack victims involving surgeries, skin grafting and medication is costly causing financial disability.

Pathways in achieving these objectives

  • Changing societies perceptions towards victims.
  • Acid Attack survivors should be considered as Victors, not Victims.
  • Encouragement provided to boost self-esteem so any hindrance in their path can be overcome.
  • Raising awareness and helping the average person to participate in the fight against acid attacks.


The foundation has helped in performing major surgeries on victims and work towards providing financial funds for victims treatment and regular medicines , so far 44 acid victims have been given end to end support.

Ration & Domestic Aid

Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown took a huge toll on poor and marginalized section of the society so a camp was setup at Nalasopara at ASSF foundation. Rations, Mask, Sanitizer were distributed to people in need and slums of mumbai for months.

Matchmaking& Marriage Assistance

We act as a platform for many acid attack survivors to live a normal life by arranging their marriages and providing them with all the support they need to settle in their life

Skills & Job Assistance

  • ASSF has started a computer academy to train acid survivors, financially weaker students and college dropouts.
  • Schoolbag making, handicraft making, Training on how to make cushions are provided.
  • As everything has shifted online post pandemic and in a rapidly changing world it is essential to support and enhance the skills of acid victims so they could earn their livelihood.