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Posted by Acid survivors saahas foundation was an initiative that was started in 2016 by Mrs Daulat Bi Khan. She herself was the casualty of acid attack in 2010. This attack was executed by her own elder sister and her husband and son due to some property disagreement. When she recovered a bit, she stated to look out for job, but everything was a disappointment. People use to shut down their doors right in front of her disoriented face and pledge her to stay away from them. She was in the path of two diversions at that point of time. One was to get over with her life another one was to have new lease of life. She chose the latter one and channelized all her energy together with a pursuit of having a new hope in life(new hope new life).


The person who threw acid on her tried to kill her four times. She was staying as a paying guest where the owner’s son fell for her after repeated rejection for marriage he tried to attack and spoil her face by attacking her with the blade over 3 times and later on threw acid on her.


He is Chandni’s son who was also attacked in this gruesome crime.


In the year 2016, he was acid attacked by his neighbours due to personal reasons.


She is Daulat Bi’s niece, she was just a one year old infant. Playing, dancing and sleeping in her mother’s lap when she became a part of this incident.


She was an orphan and a bar dancer before the acid attack. She use to support herself and her small brother before the incident. Now she has spent her life long savings in her on-going treatment. Because of the treatment she owes a loan of 20,00,000/- to her creditors. She has lost her eyes completely in the acid attack.


She was acid attacked in the year 2008 by her neighbour’s son, it was one sided love by the culprit. After throwing the acid on her the boy drank poison and killed himself. She has gone through 35 surgeries and more surgeries are pending.

Archana Manusmare

Nagpur based Archana got married in 1999 and conceived her daughter 2 years later. Ever since the
time she was pregnant her husband would harass her, which impacted the baby in her womb, says
Archana. Her daughter was born with certain health problems in the mind which are being treated
ever since then till today.

Post the birth of her daughter, her husband was normal for a short while however that phase was
short-lived. He took to alcoholism again and began doubting her and physically torturing her as well.
He would often hurt her in the face due to his mindset that she is pretty and is having an affair.
2005 was the year when the acid attack happened on Archana, by her own husband! Around 12:30
am in the night, he threw acid onto her face and ran away. She wept and screamed for help but no
one came to her aid. After a while, an uncle came and took her to the hospital is all she recalls. She
fell unconscious around then.

Her cunning in laws and husband then came after some time and emotionally manipulated her to
refrain from filing an FIR, which Archana feels was her shortcoming being emotional as a woman and
especially a mother. She spent 3 months in the hospital and a bill of 7 lakhs was accumulated in that
span. She had to rely on selling off her house, jewellery and even taking loans to pay for the
treatment. In her own words, she was left with nothing!

After finally making it back home, she remembers people getting scared of her appearance and
calling her a ghost which mentally affected her and made her feel low. For 10 years she restricted
herself to the four walls of her home. She felt awkward going out and conscious that people would
stare at her. She has no home of her own, no job and a burden of loads of tension over these years.
Archana has gone through 5 surgeries yet and has more of them to be done further. It’s the pain and
suffering that is difficult to bear adding to that the helplessness of no one to go to for help, no
relatives, no friends and such is her life states Archana.


In 2016 he was acid attacked and lost his vision completely. He recently got married and even his wife can’t see at all, she lost her vision due to an illness. They have a 2 years old son. There are 3 family members. They have to go Chennai after every 2 months, however as they don’t have money they stopped their eyes treatment from past 1 year.


Mirpur, Uttar Pradesh based Aslam was an auto driver by profession and lived with his wife and 3
kids currently aged 12,10 and 6 respectively. He was the sole bread earner of the family.

On 5 th November 2016, just like any other day Aslam was out and about driving his auto. 3
passengers got in and wanted to commute to a remote place a little outside his village. Upon
reaching there they tried to beat him up and rob him. When Aslam tried to defend himself, he was
shocked to find a splash of acid onto his face. These attackers then ran away from the spot.

Some policemen then got him admitted to Saraswati Hospital in Anwarpur. Doctors informed him
that he had lost sight in both his eyes. The tragic incident was just a start for a journey of misery that
began and still is on to date. Over the years he has been going through treatment at multiple
hospitals across the country to name a few – Anand Hospital (Meerut) AIMS, Shankar Hospital
Chennai among others.

Aslam has undergone 7-8 surgeries for his eyes and 9-10 surgeries for his face until now. He has
incurred massive costs amounting to 30-32 lakhs over this timeframe since the attack and all these
funds have been arranged via loans. In the lack of further funding, he had to halt all his treatments
as well.

Aslam has not received any compensation from the government even today. His family struggles
daily to get bread onto their table and cost of education for the kids is a major concern. It is also
difficult to get money for his medicines as well. Aslam is in desperate need for help!

Ashu Ganeriwal

Ashu’s life changed in an instant when she was attacked with acid on 11 th December 2014. She
recalls being attacked by a person who was from the Indian army, much to any patriotist’s dismay.
Ashu faced this crime along with her friend who was also attacked. The liquid quickly ate through
their skin and the pain and suffering from back then to the current day is something she says only
she and her friend can know.

With approximately 12 medical procedures behind her, Ashu has more approaching as per her
treatment plan. The surgeries try to repair the damage, including recreating parts which the acid
melted off. These are aimed only at restoring functionality and preventing infection whereas the
question of cosmetic procedures remains a far-off uncertainty.

Ashu is a strong advocator of justice for acid attack survivors, a right to live with respect, have a roof
over their head and get employment to earn their living. She is hopeful and appeals to the
government to come to her aid and to the aid of many others who face this gruesome crime.

Ashus says no one can understand the way she has to live and the turmoil she has to go through each day. She strongly questions ‘What is my fault?’

When acid is thrown on a person’s face, the eyelids and lips may burn off completely. The nose may
melt, closing the nostrils, and the ears shrivel up. Skin and bone on the skull, forehead, cheeks and
chin may dissolve. When the acid splashes or drips over the neck, chest, back, arms or legs, it burns
every inch of the skin it touches. – Why should any human wherever and whatsoever have to go
through this! Ashu requests and hopes to get a government job to be able to live with her head held
high and asks for help while also staying strong to fight for what is right.


His friends threw acid on him over the dispute for a shop.


He was a rickshaw driver when a fellow rickshaw driver threw acid on him due to jealousy.


He wouldn’t know that a small family dispute would result in such an incident that will stay with him till the time he is alive. His brother in law threw acid on him over a family dispute resulting in destroying his face and losing his vision completely.

Chandni Singh, Adarsh Singh and late Chandan Singh

Chandan’s family and life entirely was uprooted with an acid attack in 2016. It was a
nightmare for them all. This Uttar Pradesh based family had no clue what merciless
crime awaited them.

Chandan used to work at a plating company in Mumbai and was living with his family
in Malad at that time when this incident happened. He worked for 12 years loyally
with Ashfaq who ran this business. At the same company worked a woman named
Savira who was a loyal close employee to Ashfaq. One day Savira and Chandan had a
fight at work and he decided to quit the job in a fit of rage. At that point she
threatened him saying she would bring him into such a condition that she would not
be able to even show his face to the world. Little did Chandan know that she would
literally do something so chill spinning that very day.

That night around 2 am, Ashfaq, Savira and some other of their accomplices entered
into Chandan’s home and splashed acid all over Chandan, his wife Chandni and their
little child Adarsh who were sleeping at that time. 28 th November 2016, a date that
Chandni dreads even to date, the day that drops of acid changed life for the Singh
family forever. Their neighbours somehow managed to take this family to a
government hospital as quickly as possible via a rented cab. 2 days later, Chandan
who was severely burnt to the extent of 85 percent was taken to Kasturba hospital
via an emergency vehicle. Immediately his treatment commenced there on arrival.

On 15 th December 2016, Chandni got the shock of her life as Chandan passed away at
4pm that day, he succumbed to his serious critical injuries and burns.

At that point Chandni and her son’s treatment was still on in the other government
hospital that they were admitted in. Doctor’s reports stated that Chandni suffered 45
percent burns while her son Adarsh faced 15 percent burns on his body. Chandni
underwent surgeries at a private hospital twice and was battling for life. She had to
face immense struggles during that phase, along with the sad truth of having just lost
her husband as well. Around 5 lakhs cost was incurred in her surgeries. These
surgeries took place at Nanavati Hospital, a private hospital in Mumbai.

She still has multiple surgeries to go in the future as well. For a petty reason of
leaving his job, Chandan and his family had to pay such a massive cruel price.
Chandni has no place to live and struggles to raise her son. She cries to the
government for all the help and assistance possible. She has roughly received 3 lakhs
approx. as compensation for her and her son however no such compensation has
been provided for her late husband even as of today.

Deepmala Tiwari

A splash of acid just changes a life in those few micro seconds. For no fault of the victim, they lose
not just their appearance but end up with a life of endless physical and mental agony. Deepmala is
an acid attack victim from Uttar Pradesh who faced an attack on 8 th February 2014.

Her perpetrator was none but her husband, it shocks to know that someone we trust with our life
can do such a demonic act for whatsoever reason it may be, it can never be justified ever! Deepmala
suffered burns and injuries to an extent of 75 percent of her body.

She even lost both her eyes and her father had to sell off all their land as well in order to treat her.
It’s been 8 years since the unforgettable horror she faced and is still going through treatment even
as of today at Shankar Hospital in Chennai.

Every 3 months she undergoes a surgery for her eyes and has undergone as many as 50 surergies
even since the attack. That number for a medical treatment count can be devastating to even those
who hear it leave alone the one who has to bear its pain each time.

Deepmala is a B Ed and yet faces difficulty to date to secure a job because of loss of eyesight post
the acid attack. She strongly desires to move ahead in life and do something for her parents however
her blindness stops her from doing so.

She earnestly requests and begs the government to help her secure a job so that she can live her life
with dignity and self-respect.


She was the one who was harassed by the dairy seller. She was not aware that this would change her life drastically.

Daulat Bi Khan

Daulat Bi Khan

Daulat Bi Khan was attacked in 2010 by her very own blood – her elder sister, the sister’s husband
and son all jointly were responsible for the crime. They threw acid not just on Daulat but also on her
2 other sisters and a little baby niece as well, it just goes to show cruelty knows no bounds for those
with hearts filled with malice and evil. We see what the world has come down to when family
attacks family, blood harms blood, who can even be trusted?

All this just because Daulat Bi rejected a proposal from her brother-in-law (the sister’s husband). To
punish her he went to such a merciless extent that ruined Daulat Bi and changed the roadmap of her
life for worse. After this gruesome incident, Daulat Bi lost partial eyesight along with having to live
with a badly disfigured face. Her ears completed melted into her body skin, as spine chilling as that
sounds, its true after all!

Daulat Bi had to deal with a lot of suffering and pain in the aftermath of this crime she faced. She
was being treated at a government hospital along with her sisters and niece who also had faced the
attack with her. They were treated very badly, so difficult it was for them that they actually took
discharge much before it was required and went back home. Daulat Bi had to sell off her properties
to pay the exorbitant amounts for her treatment.

Doctors advised her to amputate her arm and leg owing to medical reasons however after spending
big amounts on multiple surgeries she was left with hardly any money, which was needed now for
her and her children’s’ survival.

Prior to the attack, Daulat Bi worked as a make up artist. The one who used to beautify the faces of
others was left with a disfigured one herself due to the heartlessness of some monsters. She lost her
job in that field after the attack and in fact struggled to get any other jobs as well including one as a
maid since people would get scared and refuse to hire her.

A mother of 4, Daulat Bi had to do something she never imagined in order to feed her children. She
resorted to begging on the streets outside a mosque, this being just 6 months after the unfortunate
attack. She has undergone 17 surgeries to date with many more to go. The government has a
provision to aid funds compensation of 3 lakhs to acid attack victims which doesn’t even cover the
cost of even one single surgery. There is a scheme by the government that states free treatment of
all acid attack victims which seems to hold true only on paper as in reality no hospitals agree to
provide this service. Daulat Bi thus had to halt her operations due to no sponsor for funds.

Being a headstrong woman, Daulat Bi ensured to fight a legal battle to get justice for her and her
sisters and niece. After spending 2 lakhs and 5 years on the case, the criminals did receive a sentence
of 10 years but apparently justice is too short since only 3 months later they were all released on
bail. Something that shocked Daulat Bi to her core is the audacity of her brother-in-law who arrived
at her place to threaten her to take back the case or else he would repeat an acid attack, only this
time with her children.

Is this the justice she deserves? Most definitely not. Daulat Bi just expects to get proper justice and
receiving the right treatment free of cost. Currently Daulat Bi proudly runs an NGO called ‘Acid
Survivors Saahas Foundation (ASSF) which works for the betterment of other acid attack victims,
truly a heart of gold !

Kamal Vedekar

Kamal is currently aged 40 and belongs to the scheduled caste tribe. She suffered an acid attack on
13 th December 1998 at her home in Partur at around 10 pm in the night.

Kamal recalls she was eating dinner at that time with her mother and sister while suddenly she
noticed 2 unidentified goons standing outside her home. Her sister went out to check and came back
running all scared. That is when Kamal went to check at the door, one of them put a torch onto her
face and it seemed like he was confirming that it was her indeed, seconds after that they splashed
acid over her and fled.

The acid burnt her face and her skin began to melt. The impact was so bad that it went all the way to
her bones causing severe damages. She eventually even lost her eyesight and hearing capacity due
to acid entering into her eyes and ears as well. Kamal had dreams of being an actress owing to her
beauty and dancing talent. The eyes with which she saw these dreams had gone away too with the
attack. Kamal’s father had passed away. Her mother was always tensed after this incident. They had
no support in these times.

She feels there was lack of support due to the fact that she was from the schedule caste. The police
authorities, government and court too did not take any serious action against the attackers and took
the case very lightly. Kamal underwent treatment at several hospitals across Jalna, Aurangabad and
Chennai. Her mother had to sell off their ancestral land in order to cover the expenses, when that
fell short, they even had to sell off their home and take loans from relatives and friends. She has had
26 surgeries so far and has attempted to get her eyesight back but in vain. She has been living like a
dead soul since the last 24 years. Her brother is an alcoholic and has not helped her at all. Most of
her relatives are all not very well to do and hence are unable to help her too.

The incident from 24 years back to date has scarred Kamal and physically and mentally damaged her.
She in fact goes through therapy for mental health reasons and finds it difficult to afford the same.
She still feels unsafe living in her hometown and fears if something bad again happens to her. She
had even appealed to former chief ministers to help her get an accommodation in Mumbai but to no
avail. She lost her ancestral land, her home, her eyesight and more in this horror of an incident.

21 years after the attack she only received 2.5 lakhs as compensation from the government whereby
they stated that for an attack which occurred around that timeframe this is the maximum they can
help in monetary terms.

She hopes for help from kind donors and institutions/ foundations in order to survive as days go by !


She was acid attacked by her husband in the year 2003 because she was running her own parlour and was an independent woman on the other hand her husband was unemployed which made him egoistic and take this action.


A decade ago, the year 2012, Lalita’s life changed forever. If only it was for the good! But alas an acid
attack was what happened, needless to say the most tragic shock of her life.

Lalita had gone to her village at that time and was about to get married in a few months. Around 2
months before her wedding, one day her brother and uncle’s son were playing and got into a fight.
Lalita intervened and tried to stop it and in midst of that she slapped both her brother and the
uncle’s son as well.

The uncle’s son was enraged by the slap and then shockingly threatened her saying, “ Just like you
slapped my face now, I will show you one day and destroy your face that you are so proud of” No
one actually expected he would do the deed as at that time he was just 15 years old. Just a fortnight
before her wedding was to take place, Lalita was in the farm and her uncle’s son came from behind
her and threw acid on her.

She started screaming and people including her mother came rushing hearing her voice. She was
then admitted to a local hospital as they were poor and were unable to afford the cost of private

They had to sell off their farm and use all the money saved for her wedding for her treatment and
even then, she wasn’t getting any better. They then decided to take her to Mumbai for better
treatment. Dr. Ashok Gupta was in charge of treating her in Bombay. She went through 32 surgeries
ever since the attack and there are many more pending which are on hold due to lack of money.

Lalita’s face is heavily disfigured and her nose and ear have melted to the bone. Her scalp and hair
have completely burned and she lost one of her eyes completely. She has still not received any
compensation from the Uttar Pradesh government even after all these years.

She wrote twice to CM Yogi Aadityanath regarding the compensation but to no avail. She hasn’t
received any facilities or free treatment that an acid attack victim deserves according to Supreme
Court’s guidelines from the Government.

Mabiya Biswas

Almost a decade ago, on the unfortunate day of 23 rd September 2012, Mabiya’s life changed forever
taking an unexpected horrific turn. Waking up to the sensation of acid touching you body is a
nightmare no one can imagine. This is how Mabiya woke up with a shock of her life that morning and
as an impulse went on to open her eyes in pain. This further added to her woes with the acid now
having entered her eyes too and causing an irrevocable damage for life, that of sight! A regular
Sunday morning in the early hours around 5 am is a day Mabiya would never forget.

With the burning sensation in her eyes as she tried to seek help and looked towards the door she
spotted her husband, much to her surprise her perpetrator was none but her spouse himself. He fled
the scene leaving Mabiya in excruciating agony, screaming for help. It was her parents who then
came to her aid and took her to a hospital in Vashi, we cannot even think of what they might have
gone through in those moments!

Then came another trouble with negligence on the part of the staff and doctors at the hospital who
delayed in the emergency care that was needed. Instead of throwing water on her burns as per the
medical protocol in such a case they rather looked upon as spectators for quite a while, wasting
away precious time. Mabiya then remembers losing consciousness and only then awoke to
bandages all over her face with a lot of suffering and pain. After spending around 15 days in the ICU,
Mabiya was then transferred to DY Patil Hospital.

It can only be thought of how agonizing it might have been for her to have her face, eyes, ears, nose
all completely burnt due to the attack. The began a series of surgeries which didn’t help get her
appearance back to order even post them all but definitely caused a lot of hurt and struggle each
day. In spite of as many as 30 surgeries over the years Mabiya still says her face still is disfigured and
cannot ever get her original face and appearance back, which leaves her devastated.

She spent 6 years at the hospital, a long span which she mentions she didn’t realise passing by.
Mabiya recalls those days and mentions no one but she knows how she faced and survived this
experience which still sends chills down her spine. The sad part is the criminal who caused her pain
still roams free and has not been caught by the authorities to date, leave along any investigation
taking place!

Mabiya lives with her parents and daughter as of today, struggling to make ends meet with no
proper accommodation or job, the chances of which were hampered by her loss of sight due to the
acid attack. Her parents work odd jobs to run the family but Mabiya worries as they are now aged
and can’t work life before. Her ray of hope is her daughter. She prays and wishes that her daughter
studies well and builds a bright future for herself. This is why Mabiya appeals for aid to help her
daughter live her dreams and have a future that had been snatched from Mabiya years ago.


Mamta faced an acid attack some years ago at the hands of her own husband shockingly. Her
brother Vijay too was a victim of this attack along with her.

Mamta got married to Satendra Giri with all rituals and customs. Her family tried their level best in
terms of expenditure on the wedding as well as to provide certain dowry to the groom. The initial
days of the marriage were fine however eventually her husband began fighting with her over the
smallest of things and abused her when she spoke back. She faced his beating as well thinking that
things would get fine soon. However, everything only started getting worse, his behaviour got worse
each day. They had shortage of basic food and ration and her husband did not bother looking into
these issues. He began taunting her about lack of enough dowry and harassed her to get more from
her family and threatened that he would kill her if she does not accept his demands.

Mamta tried her best to sort the issues by explaining her family’s poor condition to him but it went
to deaf ears. He began hitting her and even threw her out of the house on multiple occasions at
night. He even scared her be mentioning that he would kill her family. She spent many nights
weeping outside her home after being kicked out. She had a slight hope that the situation could get
better after getting a child. However, that didn’t happen.

In fact, she faced a lot of tortures during her pregnancy, her family had to support her in these times
as her husband didn’t even care or bother. She began living with her parents. On the occasion of her
child’s naming ceremony, her husband forcefully entered her home and took their child away. She
thought he would get the child back shortly however that was not the case. Some days later, around
5 am in the morning he entered her home and poured acid on her. Her brother was sleeping beside
her and also faced the splash of acid. They both started screaming in pain and were unable to
understand what happened. Her skin began peeling off and hair falling off her head. Her clothes too
began burning. She kept creaming as her mother poured as much water as possible on her and her
brother to get them some relief.

The police arrived and took them to GTB hospital, she recalls the horrors of that one endless travel
on the way to the hospital as she shrieked in pain and suffering all along. Once they arrived there,
she was able to get the FIR filed and doctors began the painful treatment. They began applying some
medicines on her and she felt such burning sensation that she prayed to them to kill her instead. The
worse was yet to come as she was pregnant at the time of the attack and delivered a still born baby
at the time of delivery some months later, an anguish only she can understand.

On the other hand, her husband began preparations to reduce the legal impact on him and started
working possible ways with his lawyers. Her parents were caught up with the her and her brother’s
treatment and thus couldn’t focus much on the case. It’s only later that Mamta came to know that
her husband was released on parole and ran off to some place.

She spent 4 long months in the hospital and was able to recover a little bit in that span however she
lost one eye, one ear, her unborn baby and a disfigured face, a misery of the most tragic kind. Her
only living child too had been taken away by her husband who ran away too. She felt like her whole
life had shattered. Her parents were drowning in debt due to the treatments and surgeries. They ran
around to multiple foundations, women cells, politicians and others for help but nothing happened,
even then they somehow struggled and ensured to treat her and her brother.

Once Mamta got a little better, she herself began going to different organisations and institutions for
help but for years she was unable to get any monetary or medical help of any kind. After many years of struggle, she slowly began getting some little aid from NGO’s and women foundations for her surgeries. She still feels helpless about her face which has been destroyed and cannot be recovered to its former self. Even to date she is attached to some NGO’s for help however her struggle is never ending. She still has surgeries going on and her financial condition is terrible to say the least.

She lives on rent and any financial aid she received goes onto pay the rent and ration requirements leaving her surgeries to be halted. She even did a beautician course to try to be self-independent however the costs of renting a shop and buying the required inventory is massive which she is unable to afford. Add to that the fact that she would need to keep help as well since people would run away looking at her face and appearance which sadly in a materialistic world takes priority especially if it is a beauty parlour.

She appeals for mercy and desperate help from the concerned government and other authorities to
help her live a decent normal human life and earn some little for her living by getting a job as well as
all the possible compensations and financial aid for her treatments and surgeries. A life of dignity is
all she wants – Is that too much of an ask for a woman who life was wrecked and was wronged for
no fault of hers!

Mariyam Shaikh and Late Nissar Shaikh

In 2015, Mariyam Shaikh and her husband Nissar were the unfortunate victims of an acid attack. The
culprit behind this was Nissar’s friend and the petty reason he did this for was that Nissar had
borrowed a meagre amount of 5000 Rs. from the friend as he was in need of it. Nissar and the friend
got into an argument as his friend wanted the money back immediately. Nissar promised his friend
that he would definitely return the money as soon as possible since currently he was in a financial
crunch and his situation was very tense.

2 days later after that fight, when Nissar and Mariyam were sleeping in their home, the friend and
his wife came barging into the house and threw acid on Nissar. As Mariyam was sleeping right next
to him, she also got mildly injured. Post this, Nissar and Mariyam were taken to Sion government
hospital where Nissar struggled for 22 days as he was heavily burned with acid and sadly succumbed
to his injuries and passed away.

Till date Mariyam has not received any compensation from the government neither for herself nor
for Nissar. When a court case was filed, it was said that since Mr. Nissar Shaikh has died and the
identity of his culprits is unknown so the compensation has been halted by the government.

Mariyam has a little daughter who is handicapped and now she is caught in a situation where she
has to not just get treated but also take care of her daughter as well as fight for her husband and her
acid attack compensation and justice.

She doesn’t have enough money to feed herself and her child and so fighting the case in court is a
far-fetched dream for Mariyam.


Manju who resides in Meerut UP, was acid attacked by her husband in the year 2007. In the attack her face, chest, neck, hand and her eye were damaged. Since then she has underwent 10-15 surgeries and she requires more surgeries. Also she needs a job to make a living for herself as she is stays all herself.

Meena Khatoon

My name is Meena Khatoon and I am from UP Meerut and in 2011, my in-laws had acid attack on me and at that time due to acid, my face and my body got a lot of injury and I was in my hospital in Meerut Treatment was done by my family members then they supported me but my husband did not support me and then my child was 2 years old and I am still raising my children alone. I do not live with my husband

Nasreen Jahan

In the year 2007, Nasreen Jahan was attacked by her husband after 6 months she got separated from him and took divorce. After the attack no one supported her not even her parents as she was an adopted child of her parents. As she didn’t receive any help from anyone she had to beg in front of people to get her surgery done also she had taken loan from some people and got 8 surgeries performed on herself. Due to the lack of money she had to stop her treatment, she is still repaying the loan she had taken in small amounts (installments) also she has to take care of her 2 daughters, in the current scenario she is living in a rented house with her children.


The milk dairy seller use to harass his sister. Which lead to the acid attack on him and the others by the dairy seller.

Reshma Shaikh

It was 10 th October 2010, Reshma aged 28 at that time went through a horrible life wrecking
experience caused by an acid attack on her. She was attacked by very own sister making it all the
more painful. It somewhere takes away the belief in humanity seeing such an act being done by
one’s own blood for whatsoever reason.

Reshma had no support to back her and had to travel all alone to the hospital after this incident
leaving behind her children homeless literally on the road. She had no time to absorb the shock of
what happened with her, add to that the woes of leaving her children without anyone to be with
them in her absence.

The next morning when she woke up, that is the point she actually had a realisation of what actually
happened and the crime she faced. The terrible pain of the skin peeling off her face and being ripped
away from her body something which sounds terrifying to even put into words. Then to add to that
she got. She had no time to cry over the situation as she had to do something about her kids who
were all alone away from their mother all through the night that passed by.

Her husband had abandoned her causing her to be left alone with her little 3 children and this attack
made her all the more helpless and devastated. Her husband in fact even sold the house they lived
in before leaving her thereby causing them to become homeless with nowhere to go. With no choice
as a mother her heart did not let her stay away from her little ones anymore, she left the hospital in
that fragile, injured and hurt state with all the trauma and raw wounds.

Being left with no spouse, financial support or even a roof over their heads, Reshma was already
suffering from financial instability. The acid attack took away even the ray of hope of her doing odd
jobs to survive, leaving them with days of nothing to eat and getting the kids to leave school midway
as she could not afford to pay their fees.

The only accommodation she had to rely on was a small place her mother bought for her in
Mankhurd many years ago in a slum area which was not ideally suitable for raising her little children.
But when there was no other way out, she had to take her kids along and move there.

Reshma was illiterate and worked as a maid in the days before she faced the attack. She had limited
job options due to no education already and the attack disfigured her face making it difficult for her
to even work as a house help any longer as most people refused to let her work at their homes with
the condition of her face being the reason. Reshma had to resort to selling half of her property in
order to get 7 of her surgeries done and to feed her children which was most vital to her. Even to
date Reshma has 4 surgeries pending which she unfortunately has not been able to opt for due to
shortage of money. Whatever money she received via the government went into her surgeries and
still fell short due to which she is also under deep debt as well presently having multiple loans

Reshma has an earnest appeal from the government to help her find a job which can help her
respectfully raise her children and also assist her in completely her remaining surgeries which are
long due.

Reshma Khatun

Reshma was attacked in 2014, on the ill-fated date of 11 th December most shockingly by a man who
was in the Indian army. Devastating when someone who protects the country does such a shameful
act! The reason he did so was only because Reshma turned down his marriage proposal for 2
reasons – one being that he was much older to her, she was all of 19 while he was aged 32 years and
the 2 nd reason being most vital that he was already married. Reshma could not take the thought as
well of breaking someone’s marriage and doing something bad to another woman. Also, she thought
that a man who can leave his wife for her is not guaranteed to promise fidelity to her either surely.
This wasn’t digested well by that man and he attacked her mercilessly with acid and more!

Yes, the more refers to something cruel he did even prior to the acid attack – Some while prior he
forcefully entered her home, tied Reshma up, fed her some sleeping pills and raped her. This devil
then threatened her saying that he would get more of his friends to do the same with her as well
and actually called up a couple of his friends in front of her. He kept demanding that she marry him
but she sternly kept refusing all the while. All this in the presence of her mother who was also
beaten up by him. She cried inconsolably and somehow managed to open up her tied hands and
escaped and called for help. The neighbours assisted her and beat up this man and warned up to
never show up in the vicinity every again.

Reshma has a regret that she didn’t make a police complaint that day after this incident, she
assumed he wouldn’t trouble her ever again but she was wrong. 2 months later she started receiving
calls from an unknown number which turned out to be from the same man who threatened to
destroy her face and beauty and crush her pride since she refused to marry him. Later she got
another call where the person told her to stop roaming around a lot. She was travelling somewhere
with a friend around 3:30-5pm in the evening when 2 men in a bike stopped beside her and threw
acid onto her and fled the scene. That 1 second changed her entire life and shattered Reshma.

Reshma recalls the terror of the experience even to day and remembers how she felt her skin melt
and her life turn to darkness all in those few moments. She fears that incident even today when she
looks into the mirror. The attacker did what he had to and left but it’s the victim who has to bear the
suffering all her life for no fault of hers. Reshma lost her eyes, had burnt feet, chest, hands –
everything! The torture began now in fact when multiple hospitals and clinics declined to admit her
fearing she would die looking at her brutal condition. Her family then tried to take her to Kolkata
from Siliguri via flight however she was denied to travel there as well. Reshma was then taken via
road in an ambulance. Hospitals in Kolkata too refused entry to her and finally after a lot of struggles
she managed to get admitted to a private hospital after a lot of requests. She underwent 23 days of
treatment bearing a cost of 3 lakhs in this span which was a lot for the family considering they were
not very well to do. The worse part was she not recovering properly as needed and recalls having
bad odour from her body and face.

Reshma’s family had to sell off their house and belongings to spend for her treatment with going
empty stomach for many days in the process. Since she was the only earning member of the family,
it was getting difficult to manage expenses day by day. Reshma mentions going through 24 surgeries
as far as she can recall the major ones, with many smaller ones too in between. She felt like a bag of
bones while skin from other parts of her body were removed and used for her face and chest during
the operations. Her parents tried hard to find a way to operate her eyes to get her sight back but
doctors sarcastically demotivated them saying nothing was possible. She almost lost hope but
decided to fight, against the criminal who brought her to this state. Once out of the hospital she
received news that the man was out of jail in just 4 months on bail.

Reena Pal

My name is Reena Pal, I am a resident of UP Pratapgarh. On April 4, 2013, the boy whom I had rejected, when I was going to college to give an exam paper, suddenly came on my way in acid attack on me. Had done itDue to the acid attack, my left side vision went away and there was a lot of injurious in my body and my face.


He was a part of this where he was trying to sort it out with the dairy seller and trying to keep him away from Deepika.

Saira Bano

Saira was attacked in 2010 along with her daughter, a little baby in arms at that time, add to that her
2 sisters too were attacked along with her. It can not even be imagined what kind of agony hit that
family when this horror of an incident shook their life forever. What is even more spine chilling and
disgusting at the same time is that they all were attacked by their own eldest brother-in-law and
eldest sister along with their son. How can someone stoop so low with their own blood is something
beyond our thinking capacity.

The attack was done with the intention of harming Saira’s sister Daulat Bi Khan however since Saira
was present with her daughter and another sister too for having dinner along with Daulat at the
time of the attack, they all got impacted by the acid that was thrown. Their brother-in-law
orchestrated this criminal plan due to the fact that his ego was hurt by a rejection of his marriage
proposal by Daulat. He craved revenge for this and planned the attack along with his wife and son.

After the incident Saira’s partial face was disfigured and became unrecognisable. Her vision was
affected too. The 3 sisters and little baby were receiving treatment at a government hospital but
were treated so badly there that a fortnight before their planned discharge they left from there and
went back home.

Since Saira was financially not very well off, her sister Daulat took care of the financial charges for
Saira and her baby’s treatment. After the attack, Saira even faced it difficult to get any job in order
to run her family and bear any costs of their medicines and treatments in order to relieve her and
her daughter’s pain.

Until today Saira has undergone 7 surgeries and many more to be done yet. As for her baby
daughter, the little one was not able to have any surgeries back then due to lacks of funds and now
that the daughter is older, she gets scared at the name of surgeries. The daughter is unable to rest
and sleep on her back even to date due to acid impacting and burning her backbone years ago as an
infant when the attack happened.

Saira states that although the government has a scheme stating free treatment for all acid attack
victims, it appears to be only on paper as most hospitals refuse to entertain any such requests and
do not follow it. Owing to this, Saira and her daughter have not been able to get proper completion
and closure for their respective required treatments. The amount of 3 lakhs received as maximum
compensation from the government for acid attack doesn’t even suffice to pay the bill for one
surgery in itself.

Saira is currently associated with an NGO that her sister Daulat began for acid attack survivors and
depends on this foundation for help towards medical and household needs. The NGO supports her
daughter’s education as well.


Sandhya was never happily married and had a very abusive relationship with her husband be it physical or verbal abuse from her husband she had it all. Even after so many hardships she stayed with her husband only for her children. One fine day in the year 2013, May 5, Sandhya was at her parents place as it was a sunny day she came out to get some cool breeze. She was just sitting outside her parents house when her husband came and threw acid on her as her parents didn’t want Sandhya to stay with her husband because of the domestic violence her husband was doing on her. She was just 28 years old back then. Now after so many years of the acid attack, Sandhya is still staying strong and supporting her children and now living in a rented house.

Sima Basnet

February 22, 2015, 7 years back Sima got the shock of her life, a splash of acid changed it all for her!
Sima was at her tuition class early in the morning around 6:15 am, an attack meant for her friend got
directed towards her instead. They both studied in different timing batches at the tuition centre and
as fate would have owing to a confusion by the attacker it happened on Sima in place of her friend.
Such is destiny’s game.

Sima is still undergoing treatment after all these years and has severe burns on her face. She was
operated once and many of her surgeries are outstanding yet due to lack of funds. In these 7 years
since the cruel crime, Sima has suffered in terms of health – physical, social and mental and is still
fighting bravely against it all. She wanted to study further however the conditions of her family led
to a halt. She has studied till the 12 th grade. Getting a job has been all the more difficult for her with
the burnt face being a problem for potential employers.

She still somehow struggled to get jobs with very meagre pay which could help her family in some
minor way. Belonging to a poor family her family’s financial state is very bad. Sima hopes that the
government authorities would be able to help out and provide financial aid towards employment
and health needs of acid attack victims.

Sima states lack of a job and income leads to the horrors of living in almost dead vegetative state in
spite of being very much alive! Neither does the society provide acid victims with a decent job nor
do they accept her identity – her face, her appearance – with no fault of her own!

Seema cries saying that in times where people just put salt onto the wounds, it is only the higher
authorities in our nation who can apply medicine onto it in the form of aid to acid victims. Sima
hopes the government can bring a ray of hope on the faces of the burnt scarred victims. Any help
the government can provide would help better the lives of Sima and others like her.

Shabbo Ashraf Sheikh

In the year 1992 when Shabbo Ashraf Sheikh was 2 years old, at that tender
age one fine day she was lying in her mom’s lap. That is when her mom
became a victim of acid attack and as collateral damage little Shabbo got
burned too in the incident. Her mom succumbed to her injuries and passed
away and since she had no father her neighbours admitted her into Sion
hospital where she underwent treatment for four and a half long painful years.
At an age where she needed care and affection towards her upbringing, she
instead found herself in need of critical medical care instead without anyone to
support her in any way.

After that she was handed over to the children's care department since she
had no parents or relatives. After that she was admitted to “Make Manav Seva
Sangh” orphanage where she stayed until she was 22 and completed her

When she was little, she had no idea that people were scared to see her face
and she came to that realisation only much later in college. Till date she has
gone through almost 8 to 10 surgeries.

After turning 22, she had to leave the orphanage, as of today she lives in a
rented apartment and works to make ends meet. She still has a lot of surgeries
pending that needs to be done but due to shortage of money that has been
put on halt. Shabbo had lost an eye and has a fully damaged hand due to the
acid attack and surgeries are very essential for her and needs to be done as
soon as possible.

Shabbo still hasn’t received compensation for her case after the claim was filed
due to there being no presence of an FIR or a track record in Kurla session
court, as case took place way back in 1992.

Shabbo Sheikh used to work for L&T and also for Salman Khan’s “Being
Human”; foundation but due to her face being disfigured because attack and
the reluctance of her co-employees to work with her she was removed from
both jobs. Shabbo is going through a struggle almost ever since she was born
due to absolutely no fault of hers, she in fact wasn’t even at an age to even
know anything when this horrible crime happened with her. She aims to live a
respectable life and is in a very bad state in terms of health and finances.
Shabbo urges for help to ensure she can survive and face all the challenges
that life has thrown at her.”‘


He was in standard 10th and was working on the Ganpati’s pandaal. As he was tired he slept their and an unknown person threw acid on him in which he lost his eyesight.

Vijay Chowdhary

While acid attack is a crime faced by women in majority as per gender ratios and statistics, it doesn’t
after all eliminate it happening from men too. One such case is with Vijay based from Jalgaon.

He faced the attack on 29 th October 2015 and has been fighting for justice since then, to get his
attackers behind bars and get the punishment they deserve. Alas, sadly they still roam free even as
of today due to no support and seriousness from the authorities and government.

The attack severely injured his body causing damage to multiple parts all over. He has been treated
with 4 surgeries as of now for his face and back and had to discontinue get treated further due to
poor financial background and lack of any financial support.

He has been trying to get medical and financial aid as well as justice since the last 7 years but no
results seen over these years.

Vijay with much grief begs the government to help him financially with compensation to help live his
life in a dignified way.


From the year 2008 to the year 2017 she faced a lot. Where she was raped by the village sarpanch then he did her gang rape after this too when he wasn’t satisfied he threw acid on her 4 times even when he was not over with his disgusted revenge. The sarpanch tried to damage her private part by inserting an iron rod. After this she was provided police protection to stop the crimes against her.


Her husband was a lazy rickshaw driver and use to hardly work due to which Zakira started working to support her family financially. This was not digested well by her husband who started doubting her in everything and in the year 2017 he threw acid on her.