Survivors Stories



Posted by Acid survivors saahas foundation was an initiative that was started in 2016 by Mrs Daulat Bi Khan. She herself was the casualty of acid attack in 2010. This attack was executed by her own elder sister and her husband and son due to some property disagreement. When she recovered a bit, she stated to look out for job, but everything was a disappointment. People use to shut down their doors right in front of her disoriented face and pledge her to stay away from them. She was in the path of two diversions at that point of time. One was to get over with her life another one was to have new lease of life. She chose the latter one and channelized all her energy together with a pursuit of having a new hope in life(new hope new life).


The person who threw acid on her tried to kill her four times. She was staying as a paying guest where the owner’s son fell for her after repeated rejection for marriage he tried to attack and spoil her face by attacking her with the blade over 3 times and later on threw acid on her.


He is Chandni’s son who was also attacked in this gruesome crime.


In the year 2016, he was acid attacked by his neighbours due to personal reasons.


She is Daulat Bi’s niece, she was just a one year old infant. Playing, dancing and sleeping in her mother’s lap when she became a part of this incident.


She was an orphan and a bar dancer before the acid attack. She use to support herself and her small brother before the incident. Now she has spent her life long savings in her on-going treatment. Because of the treatment she owes a loan of 20,00,000/- to her creditors. She has lost her eyes completely in the acid attack.


She was acid attacked in the year 2008 by her neighbour’s son, it was one sided love by the culprit. After throwing the acid on her the boy drank poison and killed himself. She has gone through 35 surgeries and more surgeries are pending.

Archana Sheshrao

Mera Nam Archana sheshrao manusmare he Me nagpur Maharashtra se hu Meri shadi 15/5/1999 hui 2 sal ke bad muje beti hu O b mand budhi he Uska ka haspital me ilaj Chal raha he Mere pati muje marte te Pite te ,aur shak bahot jada karte te Bahot bar mera gala dabana ,, ye sab bahot bar kiya he Mene bahot bar mere parishani ke bare batane ki koshish ki Par papa ko attack aane ke vajse se nahi bataya Unko tension dena Tabiyat kharab karna he Ye sochkar me talti ti 12 /8 /2005 ki rat 12;30 Baje me gehri nid me ti mere chere pe acid dala Me bahot chilai roi Koi bachane ke liye nahi aaya Fir yek uncal ne meri aavaj sunadar Aaye aur turant haspital aur poilce valoko call karke bulaya uncal ne mere body pe pani dala Logo ko bulaya Haspital aur poilce valoko call kiya Us der me puri tarah Bhshud pad gai Us hadse ke bare me Muje kuch pata nahi chala 4 din ke bad muje hosh aaya Par mere aage piche koi nhi ta Na sasurvale Na ristevale Sab dek dek ke jate te Koi mere sat nahi ta Mene isilye F I darj nahi kiya Kai dino me mere pati b mar gaye Yese halt me kay karti Na sasurvaloka sapot Na unki kai property Pati ne sab kuch barbad kar chuka ta Aaj me kiraye ke room par rehti hu Na muje ghar he Na koi job Itani condition kharab chal rahi he Khane ke lale pad gaye Kay karu kuch samaj me nahi aata 😞😞😞😭😭🙏


In 2016 he was acid attacked and lost his vision completely. He recently got married and even his wife can’t see at all, she lost her vision due to an illness. They have a 2 years old son. There are 3 family members. They have to go Chennai after every 2 months, however as they don’t have money they stopped their eyes treatment from past 1 year.


He was a rickshaw driver and just asked the passenger for the fare after which he was tried to be looted when he raised an objection he was kept quiet by throwing acid on him

Ashu ganeriwal

She is a 28 years old women at the time of attack she was 24years old in the year of 2014. She was accidently attacked by the culprit. The culprit was going to attack her friend Reshma Shaikh and they when the victim and Reshma were going to work. The acid attack was conducted on Reshma burning her face and body also the crime led to Ashu lose an eye vision in this accidental situation. The culprit proposed Reshma Shaikh for marriage before the acid attack he was raged because of the rejection, as he couldn’t handle the denial for his proposal. He took his revenge by pouring acid on Reshma with the purpose of destroying her life that also lead to Ashu becoming the victim. She is the eldest child of her family, the house responsibilies were on her shoulders after her father’s death. However, after the attack she lost her job and is now in search for a job to support her family. Also by passion she is an amazing dancer.


His friends threw acid on him over the dispute for a shop.


He was a rickshaw driver when a fellow rickshaw driver threw acid on him due to jealousy.


He wouldn’t know that a small family dispute would result in such an incident that will stay with him till the time he is alive. His brother in law threw acid on him over a family dispute resulting in destroying his face and losing his vision completely.


Her family was acid attacked by her husband’s manager and owner. As her husband wanted to leave the job this didn’t went well with the owner and manager resulting in acid attack on her husband, Chandni and her son.


The acid attack took place in 2014 again this attack was conducted by her husband.


She was the one who was harassed by the dairy seller. She was not aware that this would change her life drastically.

Daulat Bi Khan


In 2010, her elder sister and brother in law threw acid on Daulat Bi, her 2 younger sisters and her niece. Her brother in law wanted her to marry him for her house.


She was having food with her family and an unknown person rushed into her house and threw acid on her. All this happened so quickly and suddenly that the suspect was not identified. Even after the acid attack in which she lost her eyesight she completed her education and also a dance course.


She was acid attacked by her husband in the year 2003 because she was running her own parlour and was an independent woman on the other hand her husband was unemployed which made him egoistic and take this action.


Her family was gathered in their village for a family wedding. After 15 days she was supposed to get married. However during the family wedding when her cousin and her brother were playing marbles and fought over a silly reason which lead to the interference by Lalita eventually slapping her cousin and her brother to solve the dispute.


In the 2012 her husband threw acid on her because of him doubting her with other men.


In the year 2010, her husband threw acid on her for dowry. A very talented young woman with a beautiful voice.


She and her husband was acid attacked by her some loan lenders as they were unable to return the loan amount of 5000 rs. In this incident her husband passed away.


Manju who resides in Meerut UP, was acid attacked by her husband in the year 2007. In the attack her face, chest, neck, hand and her eye were damaged. Since then she has underwent 10-15 surgeries and she requires more surgeries. Also she needs a job to make a living for herself as she is stays all herself.

Meena Khatoon

My name is Meena Khatoon and I am from UP Meerut and in 2011, my in-laws had acid attack on me and at that time due to acid, my face and my body got a lot of injury and I was in my hospital in Meerut Treatment was done by my family members then they supported me but my husband did not support me and then my child was 2 years old and I am still raising my children alone. I do not live with my husband

Nasreen Jahan

In the year 2007, Nasreen Jahan was attacked by her husband after 6 months she got separated from him and took divorce. After the attack no one supported her not even her parents as she was an adopted child of her parents. As she didn’t receive any help from anyone she had to beg in front of people to get her surgery done also she had taken loan from some people and got 8 surgeries performed on herself. Due to the lack of money she had to stop her treatment, she is still repaying the loan she had taken in small amounts (installments) also she has to take care of her 2 daughters, in the current scenario she is living in a rented house with her children.


The milk dairy seller use to harass his sister. Which lead to the acid attack on him and the others by the dairy seller.


Reshma Shaikh was acid attacked in the year 2010 by her elder sister. She alongwith her two sisters and niece were attacked at the time she was 27 years old. Now as a single parent she is taking care of 3 children as when she was hospitalised at the time of the incident her husband sold her house took the money and ran away after getting discharged from the hospital she was staying on the street for almost a month now she is staying in a remote area in nalasopara with her children in a rented house.

Reshma Khatoon

In the year 2014, she used to sing in a bar in order to support her family, where a military officer fell for her and proposed her for marriage. However, she rejected him in order to continue earning and supporting her family. This rejection wasn’t handled well by the military officer and in order to take revenge he threw acid on her. She was only 19 years old back in then and she has lost her vision completely due to the acid attack

Reena Pal

My name is Reena Pal, I am a resident of UP Pratapgarh. On April 4, 2013, the boy whom I had rejected, when I was going to college to give an exam paper, suddenly came on my way in acid attack on me. Had done itDue to the acid attack, my left side vision went away and there was a lot of injurious in my body and my face.


He was a part of this where he was trying to sort it out with the dairy seller and trying to keep him away from Deepika.


She is the other sister of Daulat Bi when they were unaware that what was going to happen with them.


Sandhya was never happily married and had a very abusive relationship with her husband be it physical or verbal abuse from her husband she had it all. Even after so many hardships she stayed with her husband only for her children. One fine day in the year 2013, May 5, Sandhya was at her parents place as it was a sunny day she came out to get some cool breeze. She was just sitting outside her parents house when her husband came and threw acid on her as her parents didn’t want Sandhya to stay with her husband because of the domestic violence her husband was doing on her. She was just 28 years old back then. Now after so many years of the acid attack, Sandhya is still staying strong and supporting her children and now living in a rented house.


My name is Seema, I am 22 years old and I am from Nepal, I had an acid attack on February 22, 2015, when I was 17 and I was studying in tuition class, my friend was sitting in the front chair. Her boyfriend threw acid on her and I setting on the back because of that acid attack on me, she had full injurious on my face and I have four surgeries done and my parents do not live with me, my grandmother. Has brought him up


In the year 1998 she was just an infant sleeping in her mother’s lap when this incident took place. It was meant to destroy her mother’s life and face but as shabbo was on her mother’s lap the acid fell on her face too. Due to this attack Shabbo’s mother died leaving her to live an orphan’s life and the suspect of this heinous crime remains unidentified.


He was in standard 10th and was working on the Ganpati’s pandaal. As he was tired he slept their and an unknown person threw acid on him in which he lost his eyesight.


He was just standing on the road and seeing the dairy sellers dispute with the above people when the acid was thrown on Prashant, Sagar and Deepika he was unable to escape and became an acid attack victim.


From the year 2008 to the year 2017 she faced a lot. Where she was raped by the village sarpanch then he did her gang rape after this too when he wasn’t satisfied he threw acid on her 4 times even when he was not over with his disgusted revenge. The sarpanch tried to damage her private part by inserting an iron rod. After this she was provided police protection to stop the crimes against her.


Her husband was a lazy rickshaw driver and use to hardly work due to which Zakira started working to support her family financially. This was not digested well by her husband who started doubting her in everything and in the year 2017 he threw acid on her.